Marocco, un tempo sospeso

2019, Hardcover, Italian
22x25 cm, 96 pages
Co-published with Contrejour
ISBN: 9788898391943

€ 35,00
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With this book, FLORE continues her autobiographical research which had already taken her to Indochina, where her grandparents lived, to carry out her project Ricordi lontani on Marguerite Duras' childhood.

The artist once again evokes the memories of a wandering childhood, the wonders related to the discovery of Morocco, explored during a road trip with her mother, in the 70s. The bittersweet color of the images whispers that time eludes us, memories fade and those we love die.

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(Francia, 1963) French-Spanish photographer and daughter of painter Olga Gimeno, Flore currently lives and works in Paris. Her work is exhibited in galleries all over the world and is part of public and private collections.