Lisetta Carmi

Shri Babaji Mahavatar dell'Himalaya

2019, Hardcover
Bilingual: Italian / English
23x30 cm, 80 pages, 1500 copies
ISBN: 9788898391912

€ 35,00
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The meeting between Lisetta Carmi and Master Babaji marks the beginning of her third life. On the recommendation of the Master, in 1979 she founded an Ashram in Cisternino, in Puglia, recognized as a non-profit organization by the Italian State as the Bhole Bhaba Foundation. During the nineteen years of activity at the Ashram Lisetta Carmi, Janki Rani, devoted herself to spreading Babaji's teachings, which attract every year a large number of people from all over the world.

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Lisetta Carmi
(Genoa, 1924) Concert player and piano teacher, starting from 1960 she devoted herself to photography working as a freelance. In 1964 she conducted an in-depth investigation in the port of Genoa with the FILP-CGIL dockers: the result was a mobile exhibition that toured all of Italy and then reached the Soviet Union. In 1965 she began photographing transvestites, a work that resulted in the book I travestiti with a text by Elvio Fachinelli (1972). She made various reportages including the one on the Paris Metro for which she receives the Cultura nella fotografia award. Among her books, Acque di Sicilia with a text by Leonardo Sciascia. In 1966 she was awarded the European NIEPCE prize for her reportage on Ezra Pound. She abandoned photography in the 1980s to dedicate herself to the creation and guidance of the Spiritual Center of Cisternino, wanted by the master Babaji Mahavatar of the Himalayas. In 1997 she began her collaboration with Paolo Ferrari and with the Centro Studi Assenza in Milan.