Elton Gllava


edited by Chiara Capodici

2019, Hardcover, Italian / English / Albanian
20x27 cm, 120 pages, 500 copies
ISBN: 9788898391882

€ 35,00
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Bulqizë is a small town in the north-east of Albania, known as the city of miners. After the discovery of chromium in 1939 and the opening of the first mines in 1948, the city has become the third world producer of this mineral.

Through this project, Gllava tells the story of a part of Albania, which seems to be anchored in the past, and yet catapulted into the future by the capitalist logic of unlimited exploitation. It’s the story of a community sitting upon a “mountain of gold”, which sees its minds and resources ceaselessly draining away.

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Elton Gllava
Born in Vlorë, Albania in 1974. When the communist regime collapsed and the borders opened, in 1992 he seized his opportunity to experience another world and like thousands of Albanians made the crossing over to Italy. His early years in Rome exposed him to some of the darker sides of the stratified Roman society, through various pursuits and jobs. However, in 2007 he made the decision to devote himself to photography. His photographic style is focused on both social and authorial reportage, with a strong reference to intimate aspects.