Matteo Guarnaccia

Matite visionarie

vol. I

2019, Hardcover, Italian
23x31 cm, 64 pages, 1000 copies
ISBN: 9788898391875

€ 25,00
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«The encounter with Matteo Guarnaccia's graphic sign was an opportunity to reflect on the power of drawing and its peculiar visionary quality, an adjective that best defines the author's imaginative world and which gives the title to this series, conceived of single themes, such as love, music, travel, all dedicated to drawing.» — Claudio Corrivetti

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Matteo Guarnaccia
(Milan, December 19, 1954 - Milan, May 13, 2022) Artist and historian of Italian costume. Active since the early seventies, as a cultural agitprop of the alternative scene with the psychedelic magazine Insekten Sekte, which he founded in Amsterdam and spread along the Hippie Trail. With his unmistakable graphic trait, he collaborated with several countercultural newspapers of the period, from the American Berkeley Barb to the Italian Fallo!. In the 1980s, he became interested in shamanism and traditional cultures, traveling to Japan, the United States, South America and Australia. Illustrator, painter, essayist, event organizer, he has exhibited in Italy, the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, both in institutional places (such as the Milan Triennale) and in unusual creative environments. Costume historian and art critic, he has published over thirty essays on the historical avant-gardes and the antagonistic creative movements. He is one of the few Italian artists featured in the prestigious volume Art of Modern Rock by Grushkin & King (2004).