Irene Alison

iRevolution (ita)

Mobile-Photography and new perspectives

with an endorsement di Zygmunt Bauman

Horizon series, 1
2015, Paperback, Italian,
15x22 cm, 232 pages
ISBN: 9788898391523

€ 25,00
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What is mobile photography? How does it mark the processes of communication and transform the forms and structures of professional photography?

This book is a reflection on the use of the mobile phone as a filming tool, its potential, its limits, its design and authorial use, its impact on the visual language and on the mechanisms of the market. It is an attempt to write a history of the present, thinking about some questions that mark contemporary photography: can mobile photography be considered a new language, due to the way it influences both the aesthetics of vision and the forms of communication? Does the technical awareness behind the production of an image by a professional make a difference compared to the simple gesture of pressing a button on a smartphone? In a world where everyone, at any time, can record any event with their phone, what role remains for the professional photographer?

iRevolution opens a dialogue between authoritative points of view — curators, theorists and photoeditors — and gives voice to professionals who have chosen to embrace the challenge of a new tool in relation to contemporary documentation. Because, faced with the fragmentation of the collective gaze into billions of visual testimonies produced, shared and forgotten every day, trying to draw a map can be useful, if not to find the route, at least to understand where we have arrived.

«This is the only research, up to now, that synthesizes the knowledge and reflections that have at the center the interests and changes of the contemporary photographer.» — Zygmunt Bauman

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Irene Alison
(Napoli, 1977) Professional journalist and photo-consultant, she is the creative director of DER*LAB consulting and photographic design studio. Irene teaches at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Rome and collaborates as a tutor and consultant with some of the major Italian photography schools (Isfci, Rufa, Scuola Romana di Fotografia in Rome and Studio Marangoni Foundation in Florence, among others). As editor, she has worked for il Manifesto and for D, La Repubblica delle Donne . As a freelance she has created, together photographers, visual stories featured in Geo France, The Independent, l’Espresso, D, XL, Marie Claire and Riders . Her articles have been published by publications such as La Lettura - Il Corriere della Sera , Il Sole 24 ore and Pagina99 . She has published two in-depth photographic essays, My generation (Postcart, 2012) and iRevolution (Postcart, 2014). In 2022 she published in the US for Yoffy Press Holding Time , a book created together with photographer Catherine Panebianco, of which Irene is the author of the texts. Her first photographic book ( La Madre Attesa , edited by Laia Abril) and her new essay Muse col Muso, animal imagery in contemporary photography are expected to be released by Postcart in 2022. She loves animals, and their cultural and iconographic representations, and she talks about them in her blog about her Zazie Dogzine.