Oltre l'immagine

Inconscio e fotografia

edited by Gabriella Gilli and Sara Guerrini
Interviews by Aliprandi, Belgiojoso, Calò, D’Ercole, Gusmani

Horizon series, 2
2015, Softcover, Italian
15x22 cm, 260 pages
ISBN: 9788898391516

€ 25,00
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How is a photograph born psychologically? From which deep meanders in the photographer's mind do the images we see originate?

The artists were interviewed for this book not by critics or curators, but by psychotherapists of various backgrounds, with strong links in the use of art and photography in therapy. The dialogue between interviewee and interviewer focuses on the less technical, but more sensitive, aspects of the authors' work and the possible implications of their work with their lives.

The artists who contributed to the project are: Antoine D’Agata, Michelle Sank, Molly Landreth, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Julia Kozerski, Liu Bolin, Elinor Carucci, Natasha Caruana, Diàna Markosian, Phillip Toledano, Moira Ricci, Peter Van Agtmael, Guido Guidi, Paolo Ventura, Todd Hido.

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Chiara Gusmani
Psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapist of the developmental age (SPP School of Milan), she is specialized in the EMDR technique, useful for the treatment of trauma, and in clinical sexology. She deals with the consultation and therapy of children and adolescents, parental support, individual paths with photographic mediation, using personal photos of the patient and the family album as a support to the psychological path. She runs photographic mediation groups for Alzheimer's and senile dementia patients at Senior Residences and parenting support groups at daycare centers. She is involved in training in the use of photography in clinical relations and on the Photolangage technique at various institutions (StudioArteCrescita, Policlinico di Milano, Centro Moses di Treviglio).

Francesca Belgiojoso
Psychologist, psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapist. EMDR therapist, graduated from il Minotauro, she works privately at the Artecrescita Studio in Milan with young adults and artists. Since 2011 she has been authorized by Judy Weiser to teach Phototherapy Techniques, she's the co-founder of Netfo (Italian Network Phototherapy Photography Therapeutic Photographer with social action) and co-author of Oltre l’immagine, inconscio e fotografia, (Postcart, 2016).

Serena Calò
Psychologist and Psychotherapist, she is involved in research in psychoanalytic clinic in relation to art therapies with particular reference to the use of photography in both individual and group settings.

Maria Aliprandi
Psychologist and psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapist, graduated from the University of Milan Bicocca and specialized at the SPP - School of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. In 2010 she founded, together with three colleagues, the ArteCrescita Studio where, in addition to adult and young adult psychotherapy, she deals with psychological consultation for parents, training and the combination of psychology and photography. She is co-author of the book Oltre l’immagine. Inconscio e fotografia, published by Postcart in 2015. In recent years she has been involved in various projects aimed at pregnant women, parents of preschool children, psychiatric patients, adolescents, Alzheimer's patients; all projects united by the peculiar use of photography as a privileged means of expression and communication.

Agata D'Ercole
Psychotherapist, she works at the ArteCrescita studio in Milan, a space at intersection between psychology and photography, and at the PsicheMilano studio, a clinical center in the heart of Milan. Over the years she has studied hypnosis, autogenic training and the use of photography in psychology through theoretical and experiential courses (Phototherapy Techniques and Photolangage).