Ricordi lontani

with writings by Marguerite Duras
preface by Laure Adler

2016, Hardcover, Japanese binding
Italian / English / French
21x25 cm, 64 pages
ISBN: 9788898391431

€ 35,00
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In Ricordi lontani, FLORE evokes Marguerite Duras's adolescence in Indochina. She follows Duras’ footsteps, not as an aficionada, but as a sort of ghost, a hallucinatory clone capable of awakening the why and how of Marguerite Duras’ words.

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(Francia, 1963) French-Spanish photographer and daughter of painter Olga Gimeno, Flore currently lives and works in Paris. Her work is exhibited in galleries all over the world and is part of public and private collections.