Simona Guerra

Il bambino di Scanno

photographs and documents by Mario Giacomelli
story and reportage by Simona Guerra
afterword by Michele Smargiassi

Incontri series, 3
2016, Softcover, Italian
17x24 cm, 112 pages
ISBN: 9788898391400

€ 23,00
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This book tells the story of the famous photograph, which became an icon, taken in the 1950s by great Italian photographer Mario Giacomelli. This image full of magic, capable of enchanting anyone who still observes it today, has always been enveloped by an aura of mystery regarding its history and the ways in which it was taken.

Sixty years after its creation, Simona Guerra, the photographer's nephew, retraces the story of the this photograph, through a trip to the the places where it was taken, among the people and the alleys of Scanno.

The book is accompanied by unpublished materials of great historical value: images, proofs, letters and archival documents for the first time visible to the general public.

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Simona Guerra
She works in conservation and valorization of photographic-founds, collaborating with the most important Italian archives. Niece of the great photographer Mario Giacomelli, she has curated his photographic archive. She's the author of several essays on photography, including Mario Giacomelli. La mia vita intera (2008) and Mario Dondero (2011).