Diego Mormorio

Catturare il tempo

Lentezza e rapidità nella fotografia

Postwords series, 2
2016, Softcover, Italian
12x20 cm, 192 pages
ISBN: 9788898391394

€ 13,90
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From ancient Greece onwards, our culture has lived in the anguish of seeing everything disappear: from the most intimate affections to all objects. Tireless, like the worst of monsters, time appears to us as the swallower of everything. With photography, the West has stemmed part of this anguish that derives from the nihilism on which it is based. Photography has given the Western individual the opportunity to create a fragment of eternity, without having to abandon the belief that nothing is eternal.

With this book, expanded by seventy pages compared to the first edition and with a new cover, Diego Mormorio returns to address the theme of the history of photography through shutter speeds — an unusual and original approach that fascinated the readers of the two previous editions.

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Diego Mormorio
(Caracas, 1953) He's a writer, historian and photography critic. His work mainly deals with researches on the relations between photography, philosophy and literature. Among the books he has published: Gli scrittori e la fotografia (Editori Riuniti, 1988), Un’altra lontananza (Sellerio, 1997), Storia della fotografia (Newton Compton, 1996), Paesaggi italiani del ‘900 (Motta, 1966), Vestiti. Lo stile degli italiani in un secolo di fotografie (Laterza, 1999), Meditazione e fotografia (Contrasto, 2008), La lunga vacanza del barone Gloeden (Peliti, 2002), La regina nuda. Delazioni e congiure nella Roma dell’ultimo Papa Re (Il Saggiatore, 2006) e W Garibaldo, Tre racconti garibaldini (Punctum, 2007).