Gruppo Polaroiders

Impossible time

L’imprevedibile mondo della fotografia istantanea

Postwords series, 24
2015, Softcover, Italian
12x20 cm, 192 pages
ISBN: 9788898391387

€ 13,90
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There is a small world made up of lived-in cameras, often handed down from father to son or found among the boxes in the attic, a small world that photography relives through plastic lenses and celebrates with unique and unrepeatable shots ... this is the world of the Polaroiders.

It seems only yesterday that millions of enthusiasts, amateurs, artists, professionals, couples of lovers, used the Polaroid with contagious enthusiasm in all its range of models. A bolt from the blue was the closure of the factories in 2007 and a pain to see the last precious stocks scattered all over the world gradually disappear.

A rainbow in the sky was the birth of The Impossible Project in 2008 which managed to buy the last production plant of these fantastic films. Today after years of continuous improvements, the film is back to give us emotions as before, and it's IMPOSSIBLE TIME again!

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Gruppo Polaroiders
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