Giuseppe Leone

Storia di un'amicizia

edited by Giuseppe Prode
with an essay by Leonardo Sciascia
afterword by Salvatore Silvano Nigro

Incontri series, 2
2015, Softcover, Italian
17x24 cm, 116 pages
ISBN: 9788898391370

€ 22,00
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An experience of extreme value is born from the union of great artists. The Incontri series aims to bring together the knowledge of different authors to explore their creativity and the excursus of their different stories.

In this second volume of the Incontri series, we recount the friendship of the Sicilian triad of Gesualdo Bufalino, Vincenzo Consolo and Leonardo Sciascia, through the memories and shots of photographer Giuseppe Leone. A narration of different lives, united by art and literature in the first place and by a strong bond, illustrated and counted with episodes, moments, anecdotes and photographs.

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Giuseppe Leone
Born in Ragusa where he lives and works, he began by illustrating the volume by Antonino Uccello La civiltà del legno in Sicilia (Cavallotto, 1972). Since then, his photographs have illustrated numerous books, catalogs and magazines by Italian and foreign publishers. Among the best-known publications: La civiltà del legno in Sicilia with texts by Rosario Assunto and Mario Giorgianni (Sellerio, 1978); La Contea di Modica with text by Leonardo Sciascia (Electa, 1973); L’Isola Nuda with text by Gesualdo Bufalino (Bompiani, 1988); Il Barocco in Sicilia e Sicilia Teatro del Mondo with texts by Vincenzo Consolo (Bompiani, 1991); L’Isola dei Siciliani with texts by Diego Mormorio (Peliti Associati, 1995). He has exhibited with numerous personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad.