Giorgio Barrera

La battaglia delle immagini

Piccolo manuale di resistenza fotografica

with drawings by Claudio Corrivetti

2016, Swiss bound paperback
with silkscreen printed PVC dust-jacket
Italian, 14,5x21 cm, 156 pages
ISBN: 9788898391233

€ 20,00
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«What task do we want photography to perform? Can we consider an image solely for how it appears to us? How do we reveal ourselves through our photographs?»

Over the past few years the concept of photography as a guarantee of reality has been questioned. This book analyzes several aspects of contemporary photography, encouraging those who work with images to be aware creators of reality.

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Giorgio Barrera
Works with photography, video and writing. His research is focused on the analysis of visual languages, the creation of imaginaries, on the relationship between reality and subjectivity. His approach has always been aimed at creating a direct relationship with the viewer and at considering art a useful tool for understanding reality. He was assistant to Joel Meyerowitz and won, among others, the Baume & Mercier, Canon, FNAC awards. He has collaborated with various Italian Cultural Institutes, with Mibact and other institutions and galleries. He has published an essay entitled La battaglia delle immagini which introduces a creative form of media activism to be realized with images. He is one of the founders of the art collective Fotoromanzo Italiano. He is currently making a documentary on the VAIA storm and a research about the use of colors in the architecture of Edoardo Gellner, both in residency at Dolomiti Contemporanee. Teacher at the BAUER school in Milan, he is curator of Anatomy and dynamics of a territory photographic and relational seminars in collaboration with the University of Padua. He is interested in biodynamic agriculture and the processes of nature.