Marco Bulgarelli


2013, Hardcover
Bilingual: Italian / English
24x30 cm, 100 pages
ISBN: 9788898391110

€ 30,00
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Danubius, Marco Bulgarelli's first bphotobook, is a photographic journey in search of European identity after the enlargement to the east: from the sources of the river to the immense delta, along the 2860 km route, passing through cities (Ulm, Linz, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Vukovar, Belgrade, Tulcea) and smaller countries, great plains, wide landscapes, different peoples, customs and languages.

An interior and dreamlike, lyrical but also documentary journey where the river represents both the mystical-philosophical side and the historical-cultural aspect, a symbol of the frontier not only national, political, social, but also psychological, cultural and religious.

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Marco Bulgarelli
Born in Rome in 1973, he started working in 2003 for the weekly magazine L’Espresso, dealing mainly with news, youth culture and urban and social transformations in Italy and Europe, issues that he still follows today. Since 2002 he began travelling extensively in Eastern Europe, documenting the lives of the Children of Chernobyl in Belarus’ orphanages (2002), the transition of Estonia in UE (2003), the east German crisis (2004), contemporary Budapest (2007), Belgrade summer (2008) and the Danube Delta (2010) and he published and exposed several works on South Asian cultures and society’s issues. From 2008 he is involved in a long-term project on the Danube river. His work is distributed worldwide by GAMMA agency and LUZphoto agency.