Sebastiana Papa

Le Repubbliche delle donne

edited by Katrin Tenenbaum and Ella Baffoni
texts and photographs by Sebastiana Papa

Postcart / ICCD series
2014, Hardcover
Italian, 460 pages
ISBN: 9788890507281

€ 75,00
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Le Repubbliche delle donne is a dense, careful and somehow extraordinary photographic book. Always attentive to relationships between women, Sebastiana Papa has traveled extensively, visiting and living in monasteries all over the world. Knowing, studying, researching and only then photographing, in search of a narrative that unravels like a thread.

Daily life and meditation, prayer and research, gestures and silence, solitude and friendship. The photos of her with strength and simplicity have the ability to capture the soul and tell in images the stories of the women who are the protagonists.

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Sebastiana Papa
(Teramo, 1932 - Rome, 2002) She was a tireless traveler. She has published twenty-two books with different publishers (Mondadori, Franco Maria Ricci, Garzanti, Fahrenheit, Vallardi) and has showcased her work in many exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Her photographs have been acquired by important Italian and foreign institutions. She has exhibited at the Venice Biennale, in New Delhi, Madras, Jerusalem, Alexandria in Egypt, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Tunis, Rome and other Italian cities. She has collaborated with numerous Italian and international newspapers.