Guido Guidi

Cinque paesaggi, 1983-1993

edited by Laura Moro and Antonello Frongia

Postcart / ICCD series
2013, Hardcover
Bilingual: Italian / English
30x24 cm, 108 pages
ISBN: 9788890507229

€ 40,00
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In response to the iconography of stereotyped landscapes, Guidi’s photographic research is rooted in a particular attitude to the exploration of the landscape that he likes to define — quoting Cesare Zavattini — as «random and commonplace». It’s a type of landscape that recombines a variety of elements. Sometimes it's the outcome of casual encounters, sometimes it's the result of careful investigations and repeated verifications.

Guidi’s preference for “marginal” landscapes is, therefore, an opportunity to reflect on the nature of photography. The teaching of a great photographer, to help us gain a greater awareness of the world around us.

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Guido Guidi
(Cesena, 1941) Renowned Italian photographer, at the end of the 1960s he began to question the objectivity of photography. Influenced by neorealist cinema and conceptual art, he began a research on contemporary Italian landscapes altered by man, such as rural environments or the outskirts of cities. Through the use of a "large format", Guidi creates an intense sequence that leads to reflections on the meaning of landscape and photography.