Andrea Paolella

L'Emiliano Postmoderno

In viaggio con Pier Vittorio Tondelli

Postwords series, 14
2013, Softcover, Italian
12x20 cm, 124 pages
ISBN: 9788886795845

€ 12,50
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L'Emiliano Postmoderno is a homecoming. At Pier Vittorio Tondelli's house: among his streets, his friends, his teachers, his life.

Andrea Paolella with a series of portraits including those of Umberto Eco, Francesco Guccini, Tonino Guerra, Vasco Rossi, Roberto Freak Antoni, Bifo, Nino Nasi, Enos Rota, offers us a journey into the postmodern that immediately generates a question: if the postmodern is over, what remains? The answer is in the reality that we have before our eyes today, a society that is unable to offer anything. Photography as a certificate of the last epochal passage.

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Andrea Paolella
(Reggio Emilia, 1984) He holds a degree in chemistry. Pupil of Vasco Ascolini, he's a photographer since 2004. He has collaborated with the magazines Il Foglio degli Eremiti and Istanti, and has published the books Senza Oriente no Occidente (Municipality of Reggio Emilia 2008), Questi Qui (CGIL-Silvana Editoriale 2010), La strage dei trent'anni (CLUEB 2010). His photographs are present at the National Library of France in Paris.