Tano D'Amico

Di cosa sono fatti i ricordi

Postwords series, 4
2011, Softcover, Italian
12x20 cm, 136 pages
ISBN: 9788886795661

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Sixty-three articles written for the weekly GLI ALTRI, with a lucid and poetic style, as "personal letters to society", permeated by a profound critical sense of the injustices that have always affected the defeated, those who live on the margins of society.

With the sixty-three photos accompanying the texts, photojournalist Tano D'Amico draws a line of hope that he launches to the world as a life raft.

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Tano D'Amico
(Filicudi, 1942) Professional journalist, photojournalist, he participated in the foundation of the newspaper Lotta Continua. Since the 1960s he has never stopped documenting protests. He has made reports on prisons, asylums, international conflicts (Ireland, Palestine, Somalia and Bosnia), migrants and Roma. Tano D'Amico's gaze differs from that of other photographers. He's the photographer of the powerless, of the defeated. His photos give dignity to those whose dignity has been taken away. He represents them with complicity, sympathy, participation. His black and white photos and the use of the 35mm lens are a precise stylistic choice.