Lucia Baldini

Luci sulla ribalta

In viaggio fra musica, teatro, cinema, danza e improvvisazioni

Postwords series, 16
2013, Softcover, Italian
12x20 cm, 204 pages
ISBN: 9788886795654

€ 12,50
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A long and intriguing journey, lived between music, theater, cinema, dance and improvisation. Lucia Baldini, who has been a photographer for over twenty-five years, makes the scene her narrative place, creating dreamlike and abstract visions, revelations, knowledge.

A "brave captain" capable of always seizing the illuminating moment in an eclectic, explosive and energetic world. Through her images and personal reflections on stage photography, the author shows us the protagonists of theatre and film sets, who reveal each other in a dialogue in which images and words are linked in a profound complicity.

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Lucia Baldini
She was born in the province of Arezzo where she lives and works. She specializes in the field of dance, theater and music, focusing in particular on the world of Argentine tango, path that will lead her to publish several books on the subject: in 1997 she published Giorni di Tango for Auditorium Edizioni; in 2001, in collaboration with the journalist Michela Fregona, she created Anime Altrove. Luoghi e genti del tango argentino in Italia and in 2006, her most mature work, Tangomalìa , published by Postcart edizioni, always in collaboration with Fregona. She has been collaborating with Carla Fracci since 1996: the photographs converge in the photographic book Carla Fracci, immagini 1996-2005 . In 2003 she published the photographic book Banda Improvvisa , fifty musician angels suspended on a sky of notes, for the Material Sonori label. She has been conducting photography workshops and seminars in photography schools and university courses, continuing her artistic career with personal exhibitions dedicated to music, dance and portrait photography.