Manuela De Leonardis

A tu per tu con gli artisti che usano la fotografia

Interviste vol. III

Postwords series, 17
2013, Softcover, Italian
12 X 20 cm, 176 pages
ISBN: 9788886795579

€ 12,50
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Through the direct voice of the protagonists A tu per tu con gli artisti che usano la fotografia, third volume of interviews by Manuela De Leonardis, explores new territories of art, coming into direct contact with the artists who experience its complexities and contaminations. Also in this new volume, the formula adopted by the author is that of a live encounter that generates a series of intimate and participatory stories.

Twenty-six interviews carried out on the occasion of exhibitions and festivals, but above all in the studios or homes of the protagonists. Yto Barrada, Paolo Buggiani, Nikhil Chopra, Colette Lumiere, Giosetta Fioroni, Luigi Ontani and many others tell of their relationship with photography and the genesis of some of their most famous works.

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Manuela De Leonardis
(Roma, 1966) Art historian, journalist and independent curator. She is a member of the Lazio Order of Journalists since 1993 and since 2004 she has been writing about visual arts for the cultural pages of the manifesto and Alias, Alias Domenica, ExtraTerrestre inserts. She also collaborates with Il Fotografo, Exibart, art a part of cult (ure) and Artribune. With the publishing house Postcart she has published A tu per tu con i grandi fotografi - Vol. I (2011), A tu per tu con grandi fotografi e videoartisti - Vol. II (2012), A tu per tu con gli artisti che usano la fotografia - Vol. III (2013), A tu per tu. Fotografi a confronto - Vol. IV (2017). Among the other books she is the author of: CAKE. La cultura del dessert tra tradizione Araba e Occidente (Postcart 2013), Taccuino Sannita. Ricette molisane degli anni Venti (ali&no 2015), Il sangue delle donne. Tracce di rosso sul panno bianco (Postmedia 2019), Jack Sal. Chrom/A (Danilo Montanari Editore 2019).