Félix Nadar

Felix Nadar & Co.

An homage to Félix Nadar

2010, Hardcover
Italian / English / French
16,5x23,5 cm, 116 pages
ISBN: 9788886795425

€ 20,00
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Visionary photographer, Félix Nadar was a passionate pioneer at the time when photography was regarded as a simple reproduction technique with no artistic scope.

Around Nadar's photographs, 31 portraits from the collection of the Archives nationales françaises, the book collects contemporary works that, each in its own way, redefine the classical notion of the portrait. Their choice was oriented by the fact that they affirm a singularity that manifests itself through various techniques, from the oldest to the most recent.

The photographers accompanying Félix Nadar: Frank Horvat, Gabriele Basilico, Bernard Plossu, Jean-Patrick Guéritaud, Pïerre Grech, Francesco Zizola, Claudio Corrivetti, Catherine Gfeller, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Agnès Geoffray, Samantha Appleton, Damien Darchambeau, Aurore Valade, Alexandra Auffret, Chen Man.

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Félix Nadar
(Paris, 1820–1910),was a French photographer, caricaturist, journalist, novelist and balloonist. In 1858, he became the first person to take aerial photographs. His exceptional portraits were made in the period 1854-1870, among the best known, the portrait of Sarah Bernardt of 1859.