Eva Tomei

Dalla parte di Marcel

introduction by Paolo di Paolo

2010, Hardcover, Italian
21x21 cm, 84 pages
ISBN: 9788886795418

€ 25,00
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Dalla parte di Marcel is a collection of photographs that Eva Tomei dedicates to Proust, to his places and to the strictly photographic way in which Marcel gave meaning to everything he saw and heard. Eva Tomei translates this experience into photographic terms. Through double and long exposures, she attempts to grasp the emotional impressions and the cognitive processes behind the poetry of the writer.

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Eva Tomei
(Rome, 1976) Graduated from the Scuola Romana di Fotografia and the Istituto Rossellini. She has collaborated with Prospekt agency and Camera21 association. She is currently part of the LUZ circuit. She has exhibited in numerous national and international festivals, in solo and collective shows, and in fairs throughout Italy and abroad. Among these: FotoGrafia, Festival Internazionale di Roma 2007 and 2009, MiaFair 2011, Castelnuovo Fotografia 2013, SiFesto Off 2014, PraguePhoto 2018. She is part of a MIbact collection of young authors. She has published two photobooks with Postcart: Dalla Parte di Marcel e Finding Homer. She is currently represented in Rome by Galleria Gallerati.