Sandro Becchetti


Stories of black and white portraits

2009, Hardcover, Italian
24x32 cm, 240 pages, 1000 copies
ISBN: 9788886795197

€ 29,90
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This book is a journey through the history of world culture and entertainment of the past century, with the affectionate, intelligent and ironic gaze of Sandro Becchetti, a Roman photojournalist from the 70s.

He dug with his little Leica into the depths of every gaze, every movement, every setting, discovering the traces that have outlined the complex and unique life of these special witnesses who voluntarily became the protagonists of our age.

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Sandro Becchetti
(Rome, 1935-2013) He began his work as a photographer in the mid-sixties. His work documents a strong attention to the social, cultural and political changes happened during the last decades in Italy. He collaborated with the most important national newspapers and magazines, with RAI channels, BBC channel and France Presse; his photographs appeared on Life and Libération. He exposed his works in exhibitions at private galleries as well as at public institutions in Italy and abroad.