2002, Hardcover, Italian
19 x 33 cm, 128 pages
ISBN: 978888679505x

€ 29,90
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Books are always opportunities, sometimes (at worst) lost, but when you feel that kind of underground current that pervades the project, then the fear of making a hole in the water, of boring, of wasting useful and sublime printing paper, leaves room for joy and the desire to party. We invite ideas, thoughts, dreams, pencils, inks, papers, computers, friends, silences, lines and beers, centimeters and millimeters, and we put ourselves in the same room to party, while the creative atmosphere offers special unions and definitive couplings.

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Claudio Corrivetti
(Roma, 1960) He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Rome. Attracted by the great French and American humanist photography of the 1950s, he began to collaborate with newspapers and magazines. The meeting with his friend and teacher Tazio Secchiaroli is the ideal opportunity to develop a new vision on photography and, after a short break in the cinema, he begins to travel to make reportages. In 1994 he founded the Postcart publishing house, combining the publishing activity with personal research between photography, music, polaroid and drawing. His works have converged in numerous publications and exhibitions: among the latest in Rome, the solo exhibition I luoghi di Dino Campana, during the Fotoleggendo 2008 festival and Roma in bianco e nero at FNAC and Palazzo delle Esposizioni, as part of Festival della Fotografia 2008.