Aniello Barone


edited by Antonello Scotti
with essays by Antonello Frongia, Davide Racca, Livio Borriello, Mauro Zanchi
graphic design by Luca Mercoglianoprinted by EBS Verona

2022, Hardcover
Bilingual: Italian / English
33x25 cm, 152 pages
ISBN: 9788831363495

€ 50,00
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«On December 30th, 2019, from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm, on the island of Ventotene I took pictures of a geological wall, thereby reading the history of the earth and the stratification of different eras, on this I glimpsed a shadow, a silhouette and I imagined seeing an ever-changing human profile, who is "questioning me". Highlighting the human shadow this became nature and it can't be otherwise: Man is Nature!» — Aniello Barone

«Today, photographing the earth, the stone, an outcrop of the Earth’s crust in the sunlight does not only mean observing fragments of a mysterious environment, one fatally modified by man, but it also means bringing into conflict — and therefore questioning — the irreconcilable differential between time of existence and that of the cosmos.» — Unmeasuring Time, Antonello Frongia

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Aniello Barone
Born in Naples in the industrial district of San Giovanni a Teduccio, where currently lives and works. Graduated in sociology, he has published: Incipit (Quinlan, 2017); Aniello Barone, fotografie 1995-2013 (Skira, 2013); {} house (Punctum, 2013); Igboland (Five Continents, 2011), a twelve-year work on animist rites in Italy; Detta Innominata (Peliti Associati, 2006), a journey within the Neapolitan post-industrial periphery; La comunità accanto (Motta, 2001), a photographic research on the social condition of Asian, African, South American and Eastern European migrants in Campania; Sahrawi, la terra sospesa (Electa Napoli, 2001). He has collaborated with the bimonthly magazine of culture and politics Il Mulino and since 2019, with the magazine fotografare with a page titled blog notes in which he deals with issues related to photography and art. Since 2018 he has been organizing a series of webinar meetings to promote teaching that takes into account socio-environmental transformations. Speakers include: Riccardo Venturi, Derrick de Kerckhove, Corrado Benigni, Luca Fiore, Adam Grossman Cohen, Antonello Frongia, Mauro Zanchi, Andrea Pinotti, Denise Poray Wendel... In 2007 he won the Marco Bastianelli Award for the book Detta Innominata . He's professor of Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.