Gianfranco Mura

Time in Jazz diary 2021

2022, Hardcover, Italian
17x24cm, 112 pages, 500 copies
ISBN: 9788831363464

€ 30,00
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«Time in jazz could be a colorless festival. So contrasted that, in its kaleidoscopic richness, it loses its chromatic definition to annihilate itself in favor of music, places and people.

The truth is that the yellows of the sun-dried stubble are so vivid that they blend with the blues of the sea and the sky and the greens of the oaks bent by the mistral in an indefinite polychromy that inebriates and leaves you astonished. Perhaps this is why this work by Gianfranco Mura is expressed with the chiaroscuro of black and white as if to rediscover the origins of the sign.

These are the beginnings of that ancestral tale engendered on an island, Sardinia, which reveals what is hidden and that music can emphasise.» - Paolo Fresu


Gianfranco Mura
(Turin, 1963) He began working with images in Turin in 1985 at the visual communication laboratory Immaginazione. He deals with multivisions, production and staging, still-life and industrial photography and begins his personal experimentation. For a while, he works in (industrial) cinema as camera assistant and as television camera operator. He also collaborates with the most important professionals in the automotive sector, for the creation of advertising campaigns and services, in studio and outdoors, in Italy and abroad. In 1993 he moves to Milan where his experience with portrait photography, reportage and cinema begins to materialize. He collaborates with important internationally renowned portrait photographers before entering the market as a photographer in '95. He works for publishing, advertising, discography. He creates reportages in Italy, Asia, Africa and the Middle East on social and cultural issues. His photos are published in important national newspapers and magazines, including Mondadori, Rizzoli, Condè Nast, LaStampa, Gedi-formerly the Espresso group. For discography, he creates portraits for record covers and for the promotion of artists. For advertising, he carries out national and international campaigns. He works for the Italian cinema (as a stage photographer and image consultant) in the making of feature films. Awarded by the monthly magazine Ciak, ritratto d'attore in '03 for the photos of the film Casomai by Alessandro D’Alatri and in '09 by the Centro Cinema city of Cesena for the best b/w photos of the film Vincere by Marco Bellocchio. He works in the editorial sector, carrying out cultural projects for books. He's the author of a book on Italian poetry, La parola il ritratto (Aragno editore), a sort of encounter between the two forms of communication. He participates in 2011 as official photographer in the Fresu50 tour in Sardinia and realizes the volume 50suonati (Ilisso editore), with the most evocative images of the tour. In 2017 he created the Pastore project, featuring images, acting, music, singing. A tribute to the shepherd's profession, represented at theaters in 2017/18. He participates as a teacher in photography courses and workshops dedicated to communication through images and stage photography in cinema. He is based in Sardinia since 2013 and works between Milan, Rome and Turin.