Lia Pasqualino

Il tempo dell'attesa

with writings by Lia Pasqualino, Letizia Battaglia,
Ferdinando Scianna, Salvatore Silvano Nigro,
Roberto Andò, Giovanna Calvenzi, Dacia Maraini

2021, Hardcover, Italian
24x30 cm, 175 pages
ISBN: 9788831363327

€ 35,00
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Portraits of artists, writers, directors, musicians, photographers and photographers, actresses and actors, the set of a film, a moment of pause in the backstage of a theater, the gesture of a boy in the streets of Palermo or an absorbed look at the psychiatric hospital. Life opportunities and travel companions together in a book that traces over thirty years of Lia Pasqualino's activity, her continuous research and the definition of a photographic language that is as intense as it is reserved.

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Lia Pasqualino
She was born in Palermo, from a well-known family of artists and intellectuals. After her degree at the Istituto di Patologia del Libro of Rome and having worked in the field of paper restauration, she met Letizia Battaglia and Franco Zecchin. Since 1986, the year in which she attended their course in Palermo, she has dedicated herself exclusively to photography, alternating reportage with stage photography. She has published Il manoscritto del Principe (Federico Motta, 2000) and Intorno a Viaggio Segreto (Contrasto, 2006). In 2008, in Milan, at Adi Corbetta's Corso Magenta 10 gallery, she showcased for the first time her twenty-year career as a portraitist, with an exhibition presented by Ferdinando Scianna. In 2009, Studio Angeletti in Rome presented one of her exhibitions curated by the International Art Meetings. The same year, in Palermo, she participated in the collective exhibition La camera dello sguardo, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva. From 2011 until 2016 she participated in the Darkroom Project exhibition, which was held in Muro Leccese. In 2013 the city of Rijeka dedicated an exhibition to her entitled Prove di memoria. In 2017 she exhibited a series of photographs entitled Attraverso at the Galleria del Cembalo in Rome and participated in the collective exhibition Segreto curated by Letizia Battaglia in the new International Center of Photography in Palermo. In 2018 she participated in the group exhibition Il Mostro 10, curated by Luciano Corvaglia at TAG gallery in Rome. She lives in Rome, with her husband, Roberto Andò, and daughter Giulia.