Annamaria Belloni


2021, Embossed hardback
Bilingual: Italian / English
24x30 cm, 64 pages, 500 copies
ISBN: 9788831363297

€ 35,00
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Supernatura is a visionary tale of the difficult and controversial relationship between nature and the contemporary human being. In the centuries-old attempt to subdue it, we are losing real contact with nature, but its revenge is often full of beauty.

«[...] nature seems to be looking at us slantwise, indifferent to our fate, but still offering us something to hold on to, throwing us a life saver in a stormy sea, so that we are not lost: it is the possibility of this encounter which urges me to take pictures, the sudden discovery of a flash of genuine connection between man and nature – increasingly rare and wonderful – within a forced and necessary coexistence.» — Annamaria Belloni

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Annamaria Belloni
Born in Genoa, she lives and works in Piacenza, where she runs a photographic studio. After graduating in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures, she spends a few years in Germany. She approaches photography in 1989, combining the study of photographic language with her work as a translator; since 1998 she has dedicated herself exclusively to the profession of photographer, investigating the figure and condition of contemporary man, with a focus on the relationship with nature and landscape. She has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions both in Italy and abroad (among others in Sidney, Hamburg, Montpellier, at the Discovery Award, at the Braga festival in Portugal) and is also involved in the promotion of authors who work in the field of photographic research through the curation of exhibitions. She was the artistic director of 5 editions of Fotosintesi, an international photography festival and of the Notte della fotografia, an event that involves famous and emerging authors in night screenings in different spaces in the historic center of her city. Since 2010 she has been continuously holding courses in photography and photographic language as well as workshops traveling around the world. In May 2021 the book Supernatura published by Postcart is released, presented on the occasion of the exhibition at Reggio Emilia International festival Fotografia Europea.