L' odore della notte era quello del gelsomino

with writings by Marguerite Duras

2020, Hardcover, japanese binding
Italian, 16,5x30 cm, 144 pages
Co-published with Maison CF
ISBN: 9788831363242

€ 45,00
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The book was awarded the Prix Nadar 2020

It is not enough to go, it is necessary to return and return again. Starting from this lucid observation, through her new book, Flore urges us to follow her on a new evocative journey in search of Marguerite Duras, returning to former French Indochina, the writer's birthplace and childhood. In between bronze pages, Duras's words take on unprecedented forms, resonating in silent scenarios and glimpses of an omnipresent nature. Granite places that escape the erosion of time. Places that emanate the intense scent of a past that remains. Like Duras's words, Flore's photographs are enduring moments of a present that evokes absence. They don't describe, they whisper to us.

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(Francia, 1963) French-Spanish photographer and daughter of painter Olga Gimeno, Flore currently lives and works in Paris. Her work is exhibited in galleries all over the world and is part of public and private collections.