Maurizio Valdarnini

La luce sul volto

Gli schemi di illuminazione nel ritratto

Tools series, 2
2022, Softcover, Italian
20x26 cm, 128 pages
ISBN: 9788831363044

€ 30,00
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In the process of depicting the face, the balance between formal distribution and the expressive potential of the shadows determines the logic that guided the artists who preceded us and which today we find encoded in the lighting schemes. A small number of light points placed in the space around the subject to be portrayed, each of which determines a particular pattern of shadows on the subject's face, each with its specific meaning. The expressive power of the shadows, in their shaping of the human face, acquires an ancestral and independent value from the individual physiognomies to which they apply, allowing the identification of autonomous communicative and symbolic properties of the luminous sign and its origin. Technical data sheets and iconographic references complete the information useful for achieving correct lighting on a formal level, and meaningfulness on an expressive one.

«Knowing the characteristics of the lights that illuminate the face allows us to create portraits of great expressiveness thanks to the powerful symbolic charge of the lighting schemes»— Maurizio Valdarnini

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Maurizio Valdarnini
Portrait photographer, he has collaborated with some of the most important magazines and advertising agencies and with important artists on the international scene such as Fabio Mauri, Errò and Luigi Ontani. Graduated from the IED, he is the author of the photographic portrait books Visus and SOLO. Portraits d’Artistes. Graduated in Sociology, he is a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and for over 30 years at the Higher Institute of Photography and Integrated Communication in Rome where he was director for 18 years. He regularly holds courses at Officine Fotografiche and has been a member of the scientific committee in various editions of Fotoleggendo and a member of numerous juries of photographic competitions. Alongside his professional work, he has always been devoted to an intense photographic experimentation and an educational and training commitment to future generations of photographers and performers. He has exhibited in important galleries and at the Rome International Photography Festival. Some of his research works are present in national museums and private collections. Journalist and Expert until 2020 at the Platform du Conseil International du Cinéma, de la Television et de la Comunication Audiovisuelle of the French Ministry of Culture.