Roberto Strano

Compagni di viaggio

Fotografi siciliani sparsi nel mondo

preface by Gaetano Savatteri

Incontri series, 6
2019, Softcover, Italian
16,5x23,8 cm, 192 pages
ISBN: 9788831363013

€ 25,00
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«Broadening the view, the whole of Sicily is a literary place. And behind the construction of this topos through images there are women and men who have elaborated culturally, visually, with their shots. Roberto Strano retraces the mechanism backwards, going directly to the faces and gestures of many Sicilian photographers, not to create an encyclopedia, but to mark a path or define an ideal geography. He thus puts together a sort of "Sicilian school" - but it would be best to define it as an "imaginary family" with a series of relationships and idiosyncrasies which, as in all families, can also be made up of disagreements and divergences - basically united by the fact of having started off from Sicily (or having returned there).» — Gaetano Savatteri

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Roberto Strano
Professional photographer, he lives and works in Caltagirone, travelling in Italy and abroad. He focuses on reportage photography with particular attention to social photography. He teaches several photography courses from Italy to France to the United States. He is exhibited at the Permanent Museum of Modena Franco Fontana among the most accredited international authors. Since the 90s he has carried out an intense research activity for which he has obtained several international awards. In 2002 he won the Canon Young Photographers Award photography competition. His works have been exhibited in shows in Italy, Spain, Germany, Romania, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Singapore. Among the most recent, in 2019 he exhibits Strade senza ritorno at Letizia Battaglia's Centro Internazionale di Fotografia in di Palermo, "Sicilians" Fotografi Siciliani sparsi nel mondo at Palazzo Merulana in Rome, and a personal exhibition in the neo-Gothic Caltagirone Chapel, together with the personal show by Ferdinando Scianna. From 13 April to 28 April 2012 he curates a reportage workshop at the University of Fortaleza and realizes a reportage against sex tourism in Brazil, working for almost two years in the favelas of Sao Paolo, Fortaleza and Sao Bernardo do Field. The project will then be presented on the occasion of the 2014 World Cup. His photographs are present in various private collection and museums, and featured in several newspapers. Main publications include: Der Spiegel, Zoom, Photo, Summa, Avvenire, Nuovo Fotonotiziario, I Love Sicilia, Marsilio publisher, People of Photography, Art, Elegance, Fotoit, Foto Reflex, Bianca Magazine. In 2007 he published the book Guardami Dentro, with prefaces by Ferdinando Scianna and Pippo Pappalardo (Polyorama Edizioni), in 2019 the book Strade senza Ritorno with writings by Mimmo Seminerio, Pippo Pappalardo and Pietro Collini. The same year he published with Postcart the book Compagni di Viaggi. Fotografi siciliani sparsi nel mondo, with a preface by Gaetano Savatteri.