Roberto Salbitani
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(Padua, 1945) He began to photograph in the early seventies during the many trips he made in Italy, Europe, America as a photography and cinema journalist. Travel and unscheduled explorations thus becomes a constant in his way of relating to the world. In 1980 he founded the Giudecca Photography Center, active until 1985 with courses, workshops, initiatives to involve citizens. In 1986 on a farm in Mogginano (Arezzo) he created the School of Photography in Nature, with courses and photographic activities in the area until 1996. Subsequently, the school, after moving to Tredozio (Faenza) and Sovicille (Siena), was transformed into "courses in travel", group photographic explorations in places marked by the presence of ancient civilizations, such as the Etruscan sites and the ancient spas of Tuscany and Upper Tuscia, or characterized by a strong and primitive nature, such as the volcanoes, Stromboli first and Etna then. Since the end of the 90s he lives in Rome.