Letizia Battaglia
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(Palermo, 5 March 1935 – Cefalù, 13 April 2022). From 1974 to 1991 she directed the photographic team of Palermo's daily newspaper L'Ora. She is the first European woman to receive the W. Eugene Smith's award for social photography (in 1985) and, in San Francisco in 1999, the The Mother Johnson Achievement for Life award. Many other prizes will be awarded to her in the following years. The most recent is the Cornell Capa Infinity Award which she receives in 2009 in New York. Her images are exhibited all over the world. She was co-founder of the Giuseppe Impastato documentation center, director, environmentalist, editor of Edizioni della Battaglia. In 1991 she founded Mezzocielo, a bimonthly magazine made by women only. In 2005 she is among the thousand women candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize by the organization Peace Women Across the Globe.