Dario Coletti
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Professional photographer, since the end of the eighties he has collaborated with Italian and international newspapers, institutions and humanitarian organizations. Always attentive to social issues, in recent years he has arrived at a wider-ranging photography, deepening the relationship between photography and visual anthropology and experimenting with other visual languages ​​such as documentary film. He is also involved in teaching activities and is currently coordinator of the ISFCI Photojournalism Department in Rome. He collaborates with the Malik association of Cagliari as head of the image sector within the initiative I libri aiutano a leggere il mondo (Cagliari 2013-2017), with the magazine Il Calendario del Popolo ( Rome 2013-2016) where he follows the photographic commentary column mms and where he is a member of the scientific committee, and with the online and paper magazine Sentire. His photographs are present in Italian libraries and museums.

Luca Coser, Dario Coletti, Giacomo Sartori


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