Luciano Corvaglia
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Born in Rome in 1966, after attending the "Roberto Rossellini" Institute of Cinema and TV, he began printing in Franco Bugionovi's laboratory for the greatest Italian and international photographers. He then went on to open his own black and white printing lab, one of the most prestigious in Italy. In 2014 he also founded in Rome, with Stefania Saponaro and Thomas Corvaglia, the TAG-Tevere Art Gallery where he moved his analog and digital printing laboratory and where he organizes exhibitions of which he is often the curator.

«I inherited my love for photography from Lamberto Pennacchi and Giovanni Costantini, who also taught me the art of printing black and white photos. It was 1981 and I was then attending the Roberto Rossellini Institute in Rome. When I finished my studies, I closed myself in Franco Bugionovi's darkroom. For eight years I printed fashion, reportage, portraits and nude photos made by well-known international photographers. St, I was always in the darkroom. During the last twelve years, my attention has shifted more and more towards the production and curation of exhibitions. I have also been making videos. But, st, I am still shut in a darkroom.» — Luciano Corvaglia