Annarita Curcio
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Graduated in Disciplines of Arts, Music and Entertainment (University of Roma Tre), she has a Master of Arts in Photographic Criticism (University of Durham, England) which she attendend thanks to the awarding of the AHRC scholarship. She has worked in the field of photographic publishing, has curated exhibitions and held theoretical-practical courses for various photography schools. She has published essays and interviews for numerous magazines, including: Around Photography, Cultframe Arti Visive, Fotografare, Gente di Fotografia, Asian Notebooks, Slow Food. She is also interested in Asian cultures, especially Japan, and has deepened various aspects, such as cinematography, visual culture and gastronomy. She has published: Le icone di Hiroshima: fotografie, storia e memoria (Postcart, Roma, 2011) e Il dragone d’acciaio. Interviste a 10 artisti cinesi contemporanei (Postcart, Rome, 2015). She has also taken part in conferences at venues such as the Scuola Normale di Pisa and the University of Bristol.