Laura Salvinelli
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«Reportrait : this is how Laura Salvinelli defines her work, which blends the timeless empathy of the portrait with the urgency of humanitarian reportage. Refined portraitist of actors and musicians since 1982, a lover of travel to the East, for her September 11th 2001 represents a turning point: the long-held desire to place aesthetics at the service of ethics, making herself available to the humanitarian world, is no longer postponable. As soon as she can, she leave for Afghanistan and since then several reportages will follow - of which she often also edit the texts - from Asia and Africa, collaborating closely with humanitarian organizations. Published by newspapers and magazines such as Alias ​​- il manifesto, Internazionale and Elle, her exhibitions include: La Cura (2004) on Afghanistan; Sulla Prima Nobile Verità. Ritratti di guerra, esilio e rinuncia (2005) on the Asian continent; Congo Reportraits (2007) on the Democratic Republic of Congo; Indiana. Reportage dal più grande sindacato di lavoratrici autonome indiane (2008) with texts by Mariella Gramaglia; In the Eye of a Woman for the World Bank, Washington D.C. (2007); Stop TB! for the World Health Organization, Hannover (2013); the collective Female Genital Mutilation 68 MILLION GIRLS AT RISK for Dysturb and United Nations Population Fund, New York City (2019); AFGHANA. Reportage dal Centro di maternità di EMERGENCY nella Valle del Panjshir (2021). Postcart has published her photobook Hospital Life in Afghanistan (2011), Treccani the catalog of her exhibition AFGHANA (2021).» — Virginia Vicario