Mario Spada
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(Naples, 1971) At the end of the 90s, he undertook an intense work on crime in the Neapolitan capital, which he deepened over the years, showing the darker and more intimate sides of the poorest fringes and subcultures of the city. Awarded at the Savignano International Photography Festival in 1999, in 2001 he began collaborating with Contrasto agency and won the Canon Young Photographers award with his reportage on the Mastiffs, one of the ultras groups in Naples. In 2004 he exhibited the Oxymora project in New York, which includes photographs of Naples in black and white. The same year he leaves Contrasto and starts working as a freelance. In 2006, he participated in the book Made in Italy, published by Trolley Ltd and founded LA.NA., an independent space for "production and demonstration" in Naples, curating the following photography exhibitions: Made in Italy, Tracce by Gomorra , Pornoland, Burma Tales, My Exodus. In 2007 he participated as a still photographer in the film Gomorra and, with the same series of photos, in 2009 he received the Gold Medal for the color of the 12th edition of CliCiak. The photographs would then be published in the Gomorra on set. In 2012 he participates, together with Paolo Sorrentino, Bruno Oliviero and Pietro Marcello among others, to Napoli 24, a film made up of 24 shorts that tell the city. Over the years he has made numerous reportages and worked as a still photographer on films such as Capri Revolution by Mario Martone. More recently, he created a video installation for the Madre museum in Naples, editing 92 photographs by Paul Ronald from the photographic archive of the film 81/2 found after 50 years, as a tribute to director Federico Fellini for the centenary of his birth.