Ivo Saglietti
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(Turin, 1948) He started out working as a documentary filmmaker, leaving the movie business in 1978 for photography. His photographic essays and reportage have taken him to many countries across the world, including El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cuba, Lebanon, Palestine, Chile, Haiti, Uganda, Benin, Tanzania, Kosovo and Europe. Along the way, there have been numerous books and exhibitions. Between 1986 an 1988 he worked in Chile on the social situation during the Pinochet dictatorship and published the book Il Rumore delle Sciabole. From 1990 to 1992 he documented the social and political situation of South American countries 500 years after Columbus. The work resulted in an exhibition and book. In 1995, he followed the Slave Route from Benin in Africa to Haiti, an experience that became From Ouidah to Port-au-Prince, an exhibition and catalogue. For his work he has been awarded several prizes, including three World Press Photo (in 1992, 1999, 2011), the Enzo Baldoni Prize in 2006, the 2007 Taft Prize for Photographer of the Year, the Chatwin Prize in 2010. Saglietti organizes workshops internationally and, since 1999, he's a staff member of Zeitenspiegel Agentur in Germany.