Silvio Canini
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Multifaceted artist, he explores a wide range of subjects with great ease and freshness. Attentive observer, he manages to transform a reportage into something that goes beyond the typical approach of this medium. He is an artist capable of contaminating his works with different stylistic languages ​​which, as if by magic, are transformed into evocative and always coherent works. In 1998 he published We are Open (Aiep Editore). The book was awarded the same year the City of Prato Prize at the Fiaf Biennial. The following year it was confirmed as the best book at the annual edition of Photo Padova. In 2002 he published Venditori D’ombra (Aiep Editore), a color work on the beaches of Romagna. Mare del silenzio (2005), is a work in which dreamlike scenarios share the scene with abstract forms, of great aesthetic sense and never predictable. Winner of several awards, this project was published in February 2006 in the insert Twenty-four of the newspaper Il Sole 24 ore. His works have been exhibited in Italy and abroad with great acclaim from critics and the public. Among the most significant statements are: the honorable mention at the 24th Biennale Photos Monochrome in China, and the XX International Guglielmo Marconi Award of Bologna for electronic art, in the company of Emilio Vedova for painting and Arnaldo Pomodoro for sculpture. His art is not limited to the static object provided by the photographic shot, but he effectively explores the video, also in this context obtaining some important awards at the Bellaria Film Festival. Also noteworthy is the video of him Hypno-bike. In his award-winning curriculum, Canini can also include a participation in Michele Santoro's ANNOZERO television program with scenographic photographs. Since 2008 he has been the owner of the 36° Spazio Gallery in Bellaria. In 2011 he published RimiNy, in collaboration with Cristina Brolli, an intersection of gazes on Rimini and New York City.