Franco Zecchin
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(Milan, 1953) He moved to Palermo in 1975, where he became a professional photographer, working on the Mafia, political corruption and social conditions in Sicily. In 1977, with Letizia Battaglia, he created a Cultural Centre for Photography and, in 1980, he was among the founders of the Documentation Center against the Mafia G. Impastato. He has make theater and films in the psychiatric hospital in Palermo. In 1988 he became a nominee member of Magnum agency. The engaged work made in Sicily between 1975 and 1993 is recognized internationally. Between 1990 and 1995 he lead a photographic research on nomadism and the use of environmental resources working on dozen societies in different parts of the world. Today he lives and works in Marseille, where he continues to explore, through photography, the relationship between appropriation of land and social practices. Awarded by the International Award of Journalism (1988, Trento, Italy) and by the Humanity photo Award (2000, Beijing, China), he has published several books. Among others, Continente Sicilia (Postcart, 2019 and Contrejour, 2019), Chroniques Siciliennes, (with L. Battaglia, CNP 1989, Actes Sud, 2000), Nomades (Editions de la Martiniére, 1998), Dovere di Cronaca - The duty to report (with L. Battaglia, Peliti Associati, 2006). His pictures are in the collection of The Rochester International Museum of Photography, in the MOMA of New York, USA, and in the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris, France.