Leonello Bertolucci
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photographer from Liguria and based in Milano since the 80s. From a very early stage he has been active as a photo-reporter working for Italian publications and agencies. He has also collaborated with international agencies such as Sygma in Paris. His photos appeared on Time, Newsweek, Stern, Paris-Match, Epoca. Now he is a contributor for Getty Images. He is a consultant in the editorial and multimedia field and and he serves as a photoeditor in editorial teams nationwide. He is the author of Professione Photo Editor (Gremese Editions), the first book in Italy on photoediting as a profession. He is a lecturer at the Istituto Italiano di Fotografia in Milan and has taught at the Master in Journalism at the University of Bologna. He holds courses, workshops and portfolio readings in Italy. His activities have been covered by various specialized magazines such as Fotopratica, Il Fotografo, Nuova Fotografia, Photo, Photographia, Techno Photo, Gente di Fotografia. In various books published by Pulcinoelefante, his photos play with the words of Alda Merini, Tonino Guerra and Enzo Sellerio. He has also published a book of aphorisms on photography entitled 55 fotograforismi (Postcart, 2017). He is part of the Italian Journalists Association and writes a photography blog on newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano and on the magazine Il Fotografo.